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I haven’t worn mascara in 3 days…

That’s probably no big deal to a lot of people, but it’s significant to me because it means that I’ve been crying for three days. My eyes are puffy and I have a headache. Although I’m still taking showers, I’ve cut them down to 2 a day or… gasp… 1 a day! If you heard a hint of humor there, that was all it was, you hearing things! Because this shit is not funny! Not in the least! Yeah, you’ve probably noticed that I’m using a lot of exclamation marks. And? Your point is? At least I still care enough to “make a point”! And at least I’m not SHOUTING AT YOU!! Ya know why? Because my head hurts and I don’t like shouting when my head hurts! It’s painful. I am in pain! I hate it! I’m miserable. I’m inconsolable. I’m sad. I’m angry! I’m a fucking walking contradiction! I don’t even care though, I’m just telling you how I feel! Ya feel me?