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What are you doing to get by?

What I mean is, have you recently been laid off and have become so depressed that all you can think about is booze or drugs or some other vice or form of self-mutilation? I pray that you have not resorted to some unsavory behavior. I have found that sleep is my drug of choice. I had no idea how exhausted I was until I was confronted with being laid off and not having an office to go to at 8:30 in the morning. The fact that I set my own hours, which usually means I’m working from 10:45pm to 5am sometimes, allows me the option of sleeping in. That is, after I take my son Elijah to school.

Today may be an exception. Here it is 11:11pm and I am dead tired, trying so hard to keep my eyes open. What’s going on? I still have at least 6 hours left to work, right? Not tonight! I cannot do it. Lupus has made the decision for me. It has looked me straight in the eye and proclaimed “Lenette! You  must go to bed right now!!” Funny, right? Yeah, I know. I am going to sleep…. I have a ton of pics to edit, but I am so sleepy……

Until next time… peace be with you…