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Let me Abuse you! Please!

Okay, like, this is my objective for the rest of the year: to make everyone else’s life livable. Is that a tall order? I don’t know, possibly. You’re listening to a Leo here, everything is about me….. or is it? Yes, it is. Your happiness affects me somewhat….. I am unhappy no matter what, so at least I can bring some joy to your life, yes?

I am so not a crybaby, but lately it feels so good to cry. I am soooooooo sad…. The tears flow freely, with wild abandon… there is no stopping these tears…. If you ever thought that you meant something to me, please believe that unless you made me cry uncontrollably, you have not touched me and therefore you don’t mean as much to me as maybe you thought. This is not a narcissistic stance to take….. no, this is a “Lenette” stance to take…. Anyone that has felt jilted by me (the numbers shouldn’t be that high) could attest to this….. I cannot even apologize for that. I can only be me…. The little Mulatto child that so desperately wanted to fit into your “norm”…. *sigh*…. Guess what? Your norm is not normal! You’re more fucked up than me! Yup, I said it. It is you that is fucked up! I will die knowing that I have a pretty good idea of who I am. Not fully mature, be it chronologically or physchologically, but hell, who is?!? I’ve got an idea and I’m sticking with it! Wanna be tortured? A masochist, are you? Well, please, step into my life and let me abuse you!