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Nicki Minaj – “I Get Crazy” Video & Lyrics

YouTube – Nicki Minaj I get crazy.

I’m loving Nicki Minaj. Her high voice, her style of dress, her lyrics. She’s dope!

Here’s the lyrics for the video courtesy of DirectLyrics

I/Hook:] I get crazy[x32]

[Nicki Minaj:]

I just came out of the mutherfuckin Old School
Got my Mac notebook with the Pro tools
Y’all Bitches ain’t ready for Nicki Lewinsky
Bad “WOOF WOOF” flyer than a Frisbee
So I’m’ up in Mid-LA eating Mangos
Keep a couple Pink Toes in my Sandals
Got some Bangles all over my Ankles
Such a Star they say I’m a Star Spangle
Buh Buh Buh Buh Buh Banner
I am the Rap Hannah
Mah Mon Montana so fix your Antenna
I keep three hoes, But don’t call me Santa
And I am flyer than Reindeer in the Winta (In the Winter)

I Get Crazy, [x4]
I I Get Crazy
I Get Crazy, [x4]

[Nicki Minaj:]
So I got a Badd Bitch mentality
Cause I just came from another Galaxy
I be with the President up in the White House
If we in the Oval Office then the Lights Out
Cause I am the Wicked Witch I’m’ the Nickster
And I keep a Bad Bitch on my Jixer
But I leave her in a second for a Thicker
Rockstar little mama with a Guitar
I am Nicki El.Em.En.Oh.Winsky
I mean my name Ring Bells like Tinky
I mean Tinker
Tell that Niqga Link her
Cause I’m’ looking for some Good Brains from a Thinker

I Get Crazy, [x4]
I I Get Crazy
I Get Crazy, [x4]

[Lil Wayne:]
1, 2, 3rd Floor
Hospital Bound
Niqgas is Doors and I knock Niqgas Down
Straight jacket crooked, I hear you Lookin
I promise I’m’ Hard, And I swear you Pussy
I ain’t crazy, No yes I am
Right up in the Coo-Coo nest I land
I’m’ fly now Eat mah Bird shit
Yeah I’m’ crazy, I’m’ crazy Bout’ your Bitch
Wild Animal on mah Bewildered Shixtt
I love Brain so I’m’ Looking For a Nerd Bitch
It’s’ Nicki Minaj, The Superb Witch
And Weezy F. Baby, No Weezy F. Crazy

Lyrics courtesy of DirectLyrics

I totally hate the following picture of Nicki Minaj. She’s too talented to even “go there”.

In an interview with Felipe Delerme from  FADER magazine: “Minaj is focused on thinning the vixen image that is currently eclipsing her actual abilities. ‘Right now they know a name and they know a face,’ she says, ‘but I don’t think a lot of people really associate me with my music.'”

She goes on to say: “Artists should be all-around entertainers. That means, when I go outside, my shoes should entertain you, my hair should entertain you. Whatever I say should entertain you.” As told to Fader writer Felipe Delerme.

To read the interview in it’s entirety  Click Here

Well alrighty then Miss! Check her out on her official myspace page:

And please be sure to drop by The Fader and check them out!