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Sheba O’Baby’s Skater Bio for Roller Derby

We were told as Fresh Meat to write our Bios for the League’s website and submit them, along with a pic to the webmaster. I wrote and submitted my bio with one pic, a few weeks ago. However, the website has not been updated yet. Whaddayagonnado? I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do… Being the narcissist that I am, I’m gonna publish it myself. LMFAO! Following, please find the pics I took of myself, along with the bio I wrote. And let me just say that it was very difficult for me to write about myself in the third person. Without further adieu:

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Sheba O’Baby #1972

Some people may consider her to be a little off… some… While others understand that it’s that quirkiness, that “can’t quite put your finger on it” quality, that they find so endearing. While she hasn’t been diagnosed with schizophrenia, she embraces all of her alters… Sybil comes to mind.

Sheba’s idea of fun: hiding in dark shadows for 60 seconds or more, waiting patiently with bated breath for her prey to walk past so that she can pounce on them as they grab their chest is sheer horror…

Sheba’s idea of work: work? what work? Professionally known as LucyLovesBetty, her photography is more of a passionate understanding of people and their need to document those fleeting moments of happiness and sometimes sorrow. The camera never lies… Ahhh… but photoshop does.

Please don’t let the sweet name fool you, this Grrrl has a very dark side. Much like her favorite tv character, Dexter; she’s not afraid of blood… your blood… splattered on her pretty little striped leg warmers. Oh yes, she wears lots of bright colors… the better to fool you with. 

So now you get that she likes blood, here are some other things that she likes:

The taste of blood (tastes like pennies from heaven)

The look of blood (red is one of her absolute favorite colors next to green)

The feel of blood (only when it’s super fresh and not clotted)

And now to that list of things she really doesn’t like:

Closed minded people with big mouths who don’t know how to edit themselves. Keep it cute or keep it mute, unless you want to swallow those words along with your teeth!

BO/BD as in body odor and bad breath… Please stay out of her face if you have either cause she will let you know.

People with no concept of personal space. If you’re not on the track with her, please keep your distance or you might get an elbow and guess what? No game expulsion because you’re not on the track!

Oh yes, and you were probably wondering where, oh where, did she get that sweet name. That would be from none other than the fabulous Pam Grier and her 1975 blaxploitation flick “Sheba, Baby” whose promo poster read “HOTTER’N “COFFY” MEANER’N “FOXY BROWN”… Pam Grier is Sheba, Baby”. But as far as roller derby is concerned, LucyLovesBetty is Sheba O’Baby!