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Laid off but not laid out…..

img_06603toon1I’m still alive! No duh!! I have never been laid off in my life… until now. I have read so many stories in the last year of people taking their own lives after suffering financial set-backs. As morbid as I am, let me make one thing perfectly clear: BEING LAID OFF IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD AND NOT A GOOD ENOUGH REASON TO TAKE ONE’S LIFE!! In fact, it may be the beginning of a more fullfilling life for some.

I have been putting off my career ambitions and for lack of a better term, I’ve just been lazy. Going to an office day in and day out, doing work that didn’t really satisfy me, all because I was afraid to quit my job and take a chance on myself. My biggest fear in life is FAILURE! That word deserved to be capitalized because that is how much it scares me. It’s like a serial killer waiting around the corner for me. I am not a great writer but I am a talented artist with a vision. Photography and graphic arts are my passion and trump everything that I have EVER done in an office setting!!

And so, the economy has forced me to look fear in the face and hopefully, defy it! I actually thought of jumping back in and getting another unfullfilling job just to be employed. Not a great idea, so I scratched that for now. I will miss some of the many perks that come with working for an Agency, but I think that once I get my feet totally submerged in the unknown world of business-ownership, I will be fine! I am prayerful that all will be well! 

And besides, how would it look for me to quit? After all of the trials and tribulations that my ancestors went through. My Polish grandmother was forced to eat rotten food or starve, slept in fear of the Nazis as rats crawled all over her and her siblings, was spat upon while being called “Polish Swine” and having the blood of her father splattered on her dress, all before she got here to America. And let’s not forget about my African ancestors who endured repeated beatings, loss of religion and native tongue, children snatched from their mothers, men snatched from their wives, and all eventually sold on a chopping block for mere dollars after arrival in this strange new land! ! My Polish and African ancestors were treated more like animals than human beings!!  I will not let them down by sitting around feeling sorry for myself! I will do what I love to do and make them proud!!

One genre that I love is pinup photography. I will upload some of my images in a future post…. until then, peace be with  you!