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Mac iSight camera… fun tool or waste of time?

You know that iSight camera that’s integrated into your monitor? What do you find yourself doing with it? Do you take really silly pics that you would not share with your family and friends let alone the world? Or are you like me and take pictures that are actually better (in composition, lighting, etc.) than what the average person can generate using a D-SLR? Here are a couple of images that I took recently using my macbook’s isight camera. I have done many “photo shoots” using the isight. I will be posting the pics from them later. If you have any iSight pics that you’ve taken and would like to share, please post them in the comments section. We can make a whole blog on iSight pics alone.

Just playing around with a mask I keep around.

I still have the mask on...huh? Yes, I put it on the back of my head.