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Is This Normal?

I come across a lot of crazy mess and this was just too funny to pass up. Check out what this kid had to say about his step sisters. FYI: this was posted with the intention of getting feedback from the community that frequents this particular website (yours truly included). The following post is verbatim, grammatical and spelling errors kept intact.

“Is this normal , i have 2 step-sisters and i think there both really hot. one actually sent me a nude pic of her and the other just flirts all the time. i would love to have a threesome but i don’t think they go for it. so is it normal that i want to fuck both of them at the same time ? I even have a 3rd step-sister who is way hotter then both but she is pregnant and 21. i want to fuck her even more but i cant fuck a pregnant girl is this normal at all ?”

So, funny, right? What do you think, Is this Normal?


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