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10 Annoying Habits of a Geeky Spouse

Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with electronics, toys, dolls, books, magazines and cameras of every size from every decade. My cube at work was not large enough to contain “work” toys and my house is not large enough to contain my collections of everything geeky and not so geeky. So when I stumbled upon this list of 10 annoying things, it tickled me. The following quote suits me best but I am guilty of at least 4 other things on the list:

6. Requiring extra room in the house for geeky things – Not all geeks have exactly the same space needs, but we’ve all got more than most people. There are the comic book collections accumulated over several decades, the stacks of board games and RPGs, and the old computer equipment that might be useful someday, you never know! Some of us need just a good-size closet or two, some of us need a room, and some of us take over the entire basement. For some strange reason, the people we live with tend to get a little annoyed at this.10 Annoying Habits of a Geeky Spouse, Mar 2009

You should read the whole article.

Here’s a pic of my old cube at work…. if you look closely, you can see the following items: Joker doll that I made, She-Hulk, Batman, Chevy SSR, vintage Polaroid camera, BlackBook magazine collection, life-size toy tarantulas, Barbie dolls, Bratz dolls, Moto Q, portable hard drive and tons of pics. There are many other things that aren’t shown in the pic such as my posters of Dexter and the Joker, my Ipod Touch and my collection of MissBehave magazines…. all of which had to come home with me when I got laid-off… Sorry Honey.