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My Favorite Author Right Now – Anais Nin

Anais Nin has become my favorite author almost overnight. I have been quoting her here on my blog almost daily. She speaks from my heart as if her thoughts were my very own; therein lies an existential kinship. Although physically she has been gone from this world since 1977, Anais’ spirit lives on through me and her many fans and scholars; accordingly, we exist on a higher plain of consciousness and are one with the universe. I realize that I may be overstepping my bounds by speaking for a group of individuals that I don’t know personally; however, it sounds rather pretentious for me to say “I exist on a higher plain of consciousness and am one with the universe”. Dontcha’ think?


As I have just begun the journey of getting to know more about Anais, I have chosen “The Portable Anais Nin” by Benjamin Franklin V as my first book to read. With so many volumes of her diary and numerous editions of each of her books, I just didn’t know where to begin. This book, however, includes some of everything: complete diary passages about her views on incest, abortion, family members and facing death; works of fiction including her famous prose poem “House of Incest”, erotica from “Delta of Venus”; her critical titles “Realism and Reality” and “On Writing” and an interview conducted at the height of her fame; all in chronological order, no less. Not a small feat, and I am thankful to Mr. Franklin for this comprehensive look into Anais’ life and writing.

So, let me get to it—reading that is. Good night or shall I say good morning.

“He wants me to live white” #MulattoWomanProblems

One of my favorite passages from Alice Randall’s The Wind Done Gone

“Debt Chauffeur, that’s my name for him now, wants to marry me. He asked me down on bended knee, and I would have been honored – except he wants us to live in London, and he wants me to live white. I crowed at that. I laughed so hard and not a tear came. He couldn’t understand it. I don’t often think on how white I look; it’s always been a question of how colored I feel, and I feel plenty colored. He said that no one in London will know that I’m supposed to be colored. And I said I am colored, colored black, the way I talk, the way I cook, the way I do most everything, and he said but you don’t have to be. ”

― Alice RandallThe Wind Done Gone: A Novel