Who are these folks that are bored all of the time?

Ya know, I’ve never understood the term “I’m bored”. I’m always so consumed with something, be it writing (haven’t been doing much of that lately), photography (all that I can think about much of the time), spending time with my family (love them so much), vintage-scoring, shopping, styling (pairing all those vintage pieces I scored with the new trendy pieces I cop from DollsKill, WetSeal and NastyGal), reading (scratch that, who has time to sit still and read? Not I; my nightstand is the transient home of a few books that I am in the middle of reading), skating (haven’t been skating because my frankenankle has been bothering me), housework, crafting (wig-making is my current craft obsession), taking care of two 65 lb. dogs, going to the gym, yoga… my mind is always on. In fact, I’m not very successful with my yoga practice because I can barely turn my mind off for the hour-long class…

What gives? Who are these people that are always bored? I wish I could be bored for just an hour. A couple of weeks ago I was at the car dealership getting my son’s car serviced and it was so awesome to just sit down and do nothing but flip through a magazine, but I still wasn’t bored. I didn’t feel like I was wasting my time sitting there for however many hours I may have sat. It was a welcome reprieve from the daily minutia of my “never bored, always on” existence.

Oh and social media? Fuggedaboutit! I haven’t been on IG in months, FB every few weeks to post pics only (I really dislike FB but EVERYONE is on there… UGH!) I’m almost nonexistent on Twitter. The only social media that I have actually updated has been my Tumblr and that’s because I don’t have to interact much on there. I just post something and bounce.

Books on my nightstand

I’m actually surprised that I was able to get these few words out. Wow. I can go now… because, you know I have a ton of stuff to do… I mean, who’s going to not read that stack of books on my nightstand if not I?

Good night.

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