I’m looking at life through technicolored glasses right now, and I’m loving it! Life is so full of possibilities and disappointments or P’s and D’s for short, and I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. It’s cliche’, yes, but it’s true. You may not ever truly know what that reason is, but you can learn something from everything, if you pay attention. Your outcome, whether negative or positive, depends on how you process information and how you choose to handle those P’s and D’s that come your way.

I’m traveling full steam ahead with as much positive energy as I can muster. In the last few weeks following my trimalleolar fracture, I have learned so much about myself just by listening to my inner voice. I have grown in ways that are not only beneficial to me, but also to everyone that I come into contact with; from my immediate family members to the cashier at the store that I may never see again.

The light in my eyes, which had dimmed to a barely perceptible flicker, have turned back on and are on highbeam! My injury has forced me to slow down and has allowed me to reflect and become inspired about my writing again. Yes, I had lost my inspiration and any hope of a positive outcome for my seemingly miserable, inauthentic existence. I was all alone and living in a dark place, deep in the recesses of my mind. Unable to share my true thoughts with anyone, including my therapist, for fear of rejection and/or ridicule. I am no longer in fear.

While I am uncertain that the darkness is gone forever, I am so happy right now that my eyes are bright again! I have no regrets. I will continue to do the things that make my heart sing. I am in a very happy, colorful place right now. Life… Love it… Live it!


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