What is my Destiny?

Oh my goodness! I had a revelation today as I was driving. I was trying to do the math in my head. Here’s the deal: My father and God-given mother raised me, while my birth mother followed her destiny to Las Vegas. So fast forward 15 years and then 7 years after that…. my God-Given Mother Betty Ann passed away two weeks before my 16th birthday at the age of 42… my Birth Mother Jolanta Bozena passed away six weeks before my 23rd birthday at the age of 42! What kind of craziness is this? Just a coincidence? I’m looking at the proximity of their deaths to my birth (days) and the age at which they both passed.

If I were superstitious, I might be inclined to think that I won’t live past the age of 42. However, I’m not superstitious… well, maybe a little bit. I blame it on my father, he was very superstitious (must have been Creole or something). If I put a hat on the bed he hollered at me, scared the shit out of me! I only had to do that once, I NEVER put another hat on a bed as long as I have lived! If I accidentally, by accident, swept his feet, he would snatch the broom from me and spit on both sides of it. But I digress. Am I destined to die young? I have always thought that I would probably die young. I have even went so far as to tell certain people how I would like to be laid out at my funeral and what type of burial I should have. It may seem morbid to some people, but I have experienced such pain in my life and have buried many loved ones, including my parents, god-parents, grand-parents and some uncles. As far as I know, I have one grandparent left, my Grandma Anna. So the question remains, what is my destiny?

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