Mapei – VideoVixens… Love it!

In an interview with Olivia Allin of “MISSBEHAVE” magazine, Mapei describes her sound as: “Diana Ross dining with Kate Bush on a Sunday night in Detroit while listening to 2 Live Crew, dead prez, and Kool Keith in some titty bar,” she says while adding, “neon lights, discussions, and some drugs.”

Incidentally, Mapei literally translates to “Mulatto woman” in Bassa, a Liberian Tribal language. Mapei is half-Liberian and half-ItaloAmerican.

I know I’m late (this video is from 2007), but I have finally been able to sit down and catch up on my back issues of “Missbehave” magazine.

Please click on the following link to view the video. Unable to embed.
Mapei – videovixens

Mapei | MySpace Music Videos

As I find new information on Mapei, I will post it.

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