What is my inspiration?

I am BORED to tears right now! I am so unispired! I have nothing that I want to blog about right now! I am sick to death of Facebook! I am sick to death of people complaining about their jobs! How about “you still have a job!’ Wow! If one more of my friends gets laid off I don’t know what I’m going to do! The big three is affecting so many people in all industries, not just the auto industry. Hell, I worked in adverstising and lost my job along with most of my friends at different agencies in  the Metro Detroit area. There are more of us unemployed than employed. I was in the 7th round of layoffs, which lets you know how large the scope was. We went from 400+ employess occupying 4 floors to under 200 employees on 3 floors.

I am thankful that I am a talented artist. Creatives are more in demand right now than anything else. As a photographer, I can set my own hours and pretty much work as much or as little as I want. Most of my friends don’t have that option. They will all be competing for the handful of jobs in Media and Advertising that will eventually become available. Thing is, there will not be as many jobs offered as have been taken away. Everytime I watch the news I worry that the company that I came from will close up shop. I need to go have a drink. I’ll come back if I get inspired.

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