BoyToy Dolls – The Ultimate Toy


BoyToy Doll Autumn 2008

BoyToy Doll Autumn 2008

I want a BoyToy Doll!! I love, love, love dolls! I have always loved dolls!! I collect dolls and have amassed quite a collection over the years. Alas, my collection is incomplete.  As I was looking around for a new doll to add to my collection, I came across BoyToy Dolls. These dolls are made by the same company that makes the RealDoll which has been featured on The Howard Stern Show.  BoyToy dolls are smaller than a life-size model, in fact they stand just 5 feet tall and are suprisingly lightweight. Here are some of the stats that are posted on the site:

Height: 5′
Weight: 65lbs
Bust: 30″ ** most size 32 b or c cup bra will fit the doll.**
Waist 20″
Hips: 30″
Shoe size: 5
Clothing size: XS and some juniors, smaller sizes. Most XS and small lingerie. 

BoyToy Autumn 2008

BoyToy Autumn 2008

The doll will run you $7500, and comes with a removeable orifice system. The system consists of a vaginal, anal and oral insert which is said to be “extremely realistic in feel and function”. I didn’t upload the pics of switching out the orifices because they are pretty distrubing. You can go to the website and check it out for yourself  BoyToy Dolls.

gallery_autumn_02 gallery_autumn_05gallery_autumn_08gallery_autumn_11gallery_autumn_12gallery_autumn_22gallery_autumn_23

Autumn with Red Hair

Autumn with Red Hair

Autumn with Blonde Hair (I prefer her with red hair).

Autumn with Blonde Hair (I prefer her with red hair).

Autumn is one of the prettier dolls. There are other dolls that have more of an Anime aesthetic. Like July 2008. Check out her pic. She’s kewl, but kinda freaky looking with her huge eyes that are practically bulging out of her head. March, April and August are not so bad, but again with the bulging eyes, a benchmark of the Anime aesthetic. Large eyes are normally used to identify the protagonist in the story, while the antagonist will usually have small narrow eyes.
July 2008 - Huge Eyes

July 2008 - Huge Eyes






miss_august02FYI: I have very graphic images of the dolls that highlight their anatomically correct bodies. I will not post them here. If you would like copies, please email me and I will forward them to you. Use this address:

If I had $7500 to throw away, I would totally buy one of these dolls! They are so cool!! I can see myself driving around with my doll as I run errands, although I would leave her in the car. Maybe I can write it off as a business expense. Something like, “I needed a model to perfect my studio lighting setup and the doll was cheaper than hiring a professional model”. It’s plausible!



2 responses to “BoyToy Dolls – The Ultimate Toy

  1. I already have a Real Doll. Mines can cook too.

  2. damned good site..
    check out private Amateure

    hau rein

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